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Isadora Duncan - Masterworks 1905 -1923

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Isadora Duncan - Masterworks 1905 -1923


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The Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble is a Miami-based dance troupe that endeavors to preserve and promote the repertoire of pioneering dancer Isadora Duncan (1878-1927). Duncan's style of rising and falling arcs, organic flow, and connectedness to nature were revolutionary in her time. Her choreography has been handed down through her daughters Anna and Irma Duncan to what is now the fifth generation of dancers performing her works. The film is narrated by and contains commentary from artistic director Andrea Mantell Seidel. Ten works from the period, including Schubert's Ave Maria, Chopin's Harp Etude (Opus 25, No. 1), and Gluck's Bacchanal (Iphigenia), are all well performed as each dancer contributes her own spirit and modern interpretation. Essential for dance history collections; highly recommended for dancers and dance enthusiasts.

Commentary by Andrea Mantell-Seidel and Julia Levien

Contents (in order of presentation):
Ave Maria - Shubert (5:24)
Harp Etude - Chopin, Opus 25, No.1 (2:18)
Gypsy Mazurka - Chopin, Op. 68, No.2 (2:48)
Narcissus - Chopin, Op. 64, No.2 (2:58)
Brahms Waltzes, Op. 39 - “Greeting” (0:47) “Gypsy” (1:16) “Rosepetals” (1:35)
Bacchanal - Gluck, Iphigenia (3:32)
Furies - Gluck, Orpheus (5:55)
Mother - Scriabin Etude, Op. 2, No. 1 (2:58)
Revolutionary - Scriabin Etude, Op. 8, No. 2 (2:03)
Impressions of Revolutionary Russia: Warshavianka - Songs from the Russian Red Army (4:08)

Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble Artistic Director: Dr. Andrea Mantell-Seidel Artistic Advisor: Julia Levien

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