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Is This Art? - Volume 7: Manipulated and synthesised..Mixed media installation

Mike Stubbs and Gina Czarnecki

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Is This Art? - Volume 7: Manipulated and synthesised..Mixed media installation


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Blurring the boundaries between the fine and applied arts.

Is This Art? is a fascinating 17 Volume DVD series featuring interviews with leading practitioners and conceptual artists from media, performance, visual art music and sound.
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Each episode presents a series of interviews with contemporary artists intercut with images and recent footage of their work. The interviews provide insight to why, how and for whom these artists create their work, and where their passion and artistic inquiries originate from. Where are the boundaries between science, technology, politics, popular culture and art? Viewers are challenged with the question while witnessing the freeflow of imagination. 


Mike Stubbs’ work encompasses film, video, mixed media installations, performance and curation. He has won more than a dozen major international awards including first prizes at the Oberhausen and Locarno Film Festivals, and in 1999 he was invited to present a video retrospective of his own work at the Tate Gallery, London. Trained at Cardiff Art College and the Royal College of Art, Mike Stubbs has recently joined the Australian Centre for the Moving Image as Curatorial Manager. With cinematographer and producer Roland Denning, Stubbs co-founded Metamedia, a Londonbased production company specialising in art and music. He has produced installation group Granular Synthesis (Venice Biennale, 2002) and curated new media programs for various international festivals.

Gina Czarnecki is a British new media artist whose hybrid artworks result from intersections of film, video and computer-generated imagery. She has taught film, animation and digital media, and curated programs for festivals in the UK and Europe. A recipient of the prestigious Creative Scotland Award, Czarnecki’s work investigates the ways in which elements of the human are manipulated and controlled by the social, economic and political realities of the contemporary world. Beginning her career as an animator, Czarnecki embraced new media technologies, producing installation works such as Versifier, which was exhibited at ACMI as part of Remembrance + the Moving Image.

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