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Is This Art? - Volume 11: A Clay Animator and a Media Art Satirist

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Is This Art? - Volume 11: A Clay Animator and a Media Art Satirist


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Blurring the boundaries between the fine and applied arts.

Is This Art? is a fascinating 17 Volume DVD series featuring interviews with leading practitioners and conceptual artists from media, performance, visual art music and sound.
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Each episode presents a series of interviews with contemporary artists intercut with images and recent footage of their work. The interviews provide insight to why, how and for whom these artists create their work, and where their passion and artistic inquiries originate from. Where are the boundaries between science, technology, politics, popular culture and art? Viewers are challenged with the question while witnessing the freeflow of imagination.

VOLUME 11:  Interview with  ADAM ELLIOT and  IAN HAIG

What is Art? Comments by
Alberto and Anna Masotti, father and daughter and respectively CEO and Product Manager of La Perla, a company renowned for its exquisite and luxurious lingerie, expound on why La Perla has become synonymous with quality, luxury and sensuality.
are New York’s most established period antique dealers. Their customer list includes the White House.

Adam Elliot has become one of Australia’s most celebrated animators, and certainly our most successful short filmmaker. His touching trilogy of short films, Uncle, Cousin and Brother have built his international recognition as a master storyteller. His shorts trilogy has participated in over two hundred film festivals and won over fifty awards, including four AFI awards. But it is Adam’s latest short film, Harvie Krumpet, that has ensured his name will be remembered after his exciting Oscar win at the 2004 Academy Awards. The little plasticine character Harvie beat three of the giants of the animation industry, Disney, Pixar and 20th Century Fox - to win the coveted ‘best animated short film’ award.

Ian Haig works at the intersection of visual arts and media arts. His work explores the strangeness of everyday reality negotiated through subject matter that is at times perverse and provocative. His practice focuses on the psychopathological relationship to technologies and the human psyche, often exploring the themes of the body, mutation and devolution through the lens of low cultural forms. He works across media, including installation, video, animation, web, sculpture and drawing. His work has been exhibited in galleries and video/media festivals around the world. Including exhibitions in Australia, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Artec Biennale -Nagoya, Japan, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Art Museum of China, Beijing and The European Media Arts Festival, Osnabruck, Germany. In addition his animation and video work have screened at over 120 Festivals internationally.

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