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Is This Art? - Volume 10: Hypersurface Multimedia

Brian Gothong Tan and Shilpa Gupta

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Is This Art? - Volume 10: Hypersurface Multimedia


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Blurring the boundaries between the fine and applied arts.

Is This Art? is a fascinating 17 Volume DVD series featuring interviews with leading practitioners and conceptual artists from media, performance, visual art music and sound.
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Each episode presents a series of interviews with contemporary artists intercut with images and recent footage of their work. The interviews provide insight to why, how and for whom these artists create their work, and where their passion and artistic inquiries originate from. Where are the boundaries between science, technology, politics, popular culture and art? Viewers are challenged with the question while witnessing the freeflow of imagination. 


Brian Gothong Tan is perhaps one of the most exciting and prolific multi-media artists to emerge from Singapore in recent years. He is trained in Fine Arts, Multimedia and Animation. His multimedia works were featured in arts festivals. He won “Best Use of Multimedia” Theatre Awards in 2005. His first solo exhibition, Heavenly Cakes and Sentimental Flowers, was held at the Singapore Art Museum in June 2003 and he went on to create Hypersurface, which was held at Sculpture Square in September 2004. Hypersurface was also featured as a video documentation in the 9th Venice Architectural Biennale in 2004.

Shilpa Gupta lives and works in Mumbai, India. Her work is situated in a wide range of artistic expression: video and performance, netart, installations and actions in public space diversifying in approaches and materials. Her work has been shown in solo exhibition in Toronto, Auckland, Sydney, Aix en Provence as well as in numerous group exhibitions in Germany, India, Canada, the Netherlands, the USA, Australia, Mexico, etc. Shilpa Gupta has created a number of on-line art works. For her, the net is a habitual part of a conceptual world as television was for an earlier generation. Gupta explores religion, globalisation and the complex cultural and political dynamics of the internet. Many of Gupta’s early works, from her untitled video pieces in the late 1990s to her websites such as, Sentiment Express, 2001 and, 2003 demonstrate her commitment to interactivity, her interest in cultural and political divides and a comprehensive understanding of international cultural politics and commerce, and how these politics and economies are shaped.

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