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Interview (original + remake)

Theo Van Gogh / Steve Buscemi

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Interview (original + remake)


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Dutch director/producer/screenwriter Theo Van Gogh was planning an English language remake of his renowned film Interview when he was violently murdered by an Islam extremist in 2004. He had dared to criticize Islam fundamentalism in his short film Submission Part 1. Sadly, proving a point has cost him his life. Following Van Gogh's tragic death his producers accomplished to adapt not one but three of his films in English with American actors.

Artfilms is pleased to present the "TRIPLE THEO" collection, all the originals alongside their remakes in sets of 2 DVDs: INTERVIEW / BLIND DATE / 06 (aka. 1-900)

By drawing parallels between fiction and reality this is film is about fakery. Pierre, a fading political journalist is set aside from covering a hot political scandal to interview Katja, a B-movie actress/soap star desperately trying to be taken more seriously. (In the original version the actors share a name with their characters creating a subtextual essay on the nature of celebrities and how we can never know for sure who is really behind the million dollar smiles. A fantastic thing about the original version though is that you can enjoy it fully without realizing that the characters are intentionally named after their actors.)

Katja and Pierre lie to each other even about lying. Katja could well be playing her character in front of Pierre but he, like us, would never know, because he's never seen any of her work (or has he?) They make a pact, to tell each other their deepest, darkest secrets, but how can such things be verifiable between strangers? What is the worth of somebody's word?

Contradiction, scheming, prejudice, fear, love and hate. These are all emotions bubbling under the unglamorous surface of Interview, a film whose title is even something of a lie, seeing as Pierre never completes his assignment.

Interview (Original) by Theo Van Gogh is also available for streaming.

Interview (Original) 2003

Directed by Theo van Gogh
Produced by Theo van Gogh, Gijs van de Westelaken
Written by Theodor Holman, Hans Teeuwen (idea)
Starring Katja Schuurman, Pierre Bokma
Music by Rainer Hensel
Cinematography Thomas Kist
Edited by Léon Verkade
Release date 29 May 2003
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch

Interview (Remake) 2007

Directed by Steve Buscemi
Produced by Gijs van de Westelaken, Bruce Weiss
Written by Steve Buscemi, David Schechter
Starring Steve Buscemi, Sienna Miller, Danny Schechter, James Franco (voice)
Music by Evan Lurie
Cinematography Thomas Kist
Edited by Kate Williams
Release date July 13, 2007
Country United States
Language English

"The direction and editing are undetectable, except when they are drawing attention to parallel events - for example, when Katja retreats to her room for a private phone call and Pierre takes the opportunity to skim her diary. The performances here are excellent, especially because in many ways the actors have dual roles - the real and fake identities of their characters. They are both totally convincing, Schuurman in particular revealing layers I never knew she had. That seems rather apt too, don't you think?" -

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