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Instant T - A tribute to Chris Marker

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Instant T - A tribute to Chris Marker


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The Project :
The composer Laurent Saïet, intrigued by the work of Chris Marker on memory and time, decided to look for a musical equivalent and suggested to videographers Sylvain Bélot, Gilbert Carsoux and Pascal Frament that they each work from his music on an experimental film inspired mainly by Marker's best-known work: "La jetée" (1962). In this project, where the music pre-exists the visual material, he also collaborated with Patrick Müller who mixed and did the spatial organisation of the music in 5.1 for the first presentations of the project in 2008-2009 (Instants Chavirés, Montreuil ; "La clef" cinema, Paris).

The Theme:

"He understood that time could not be escaped and that this instant, which had been given him to see as a child, and which had never ceased to obsess him, was that of his own death ". (last sentence in the text of "La jetée" by Chris Marker)

Interpret, from today's viewpoint, the metaphor for time which imbues "La jetée". The impossibility of holding time back (Time's inexorable flight). The end of the world: this is what is suggested in the final scene of Terry Gilliam's remake "Twelve Monkeys" (1995) References to Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo".

Time is dilated: scenes slowed down or broken up; musical extracts drawn out, decelerated to the point of becoming unidentifiable; the musical/cinematic time is held back, the duration of an emotion prolonged; the infinite details, imperceptible in normal time are seen/heard.

The Musical Aesthetic:
Sound sources are mainly drawn from "contemporary" music and contemporary film music from "La jetée": samples re-edited, modified, stretched or slowed down on computer, and reconstituted in compositions focused on "ambiance" where these sources are mixed with instrumental play as well as electronic tools (theremin, VCS3, etc.).

In this way, Laurent Saïet and Patrick Müller have attempted to rediscover a climate of sound and emotions initiated by the multiple visions of the original film and to contrast them with new images also inspired by "La jetée".in a "work in progress" where several sensitivities meet.

3 videographers/cineastes, linked by the same time-related problems, take inspiration from themes and/or visual motifs in "La jetée" to create 3 variants distinct by their form, (video imagery, still shots, fictional images) the only constraint for which is the temporal.

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