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Indigo: A World of Blue STOCKTAKE: LAST COPY

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Indigo: A World of Blue STOCKTAKE: LAST COPY


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There is only one natural dye for blue indigo. Welcome to the world of natural indigo. Follow the production of the dye from the fields of Sindh, Pakistan, through Laos, Indonesia, and Turkey to the famous Pitchi Reddy farm in India. Renowned natural dye experts Noorjehan Bilgrami, Jenny Balfour-Paul, and Harald Böhmer outline the importance of indigo from its manufacture to the pivotal role it has played in the history of textiles and trade. This documentary also presents rare footage of the dye process in several unique village contexts: the mountains of Nagaland where direct dyeing is still practiced, the island of Sumba where elaborate ikats are dyed and woven, and in Yogya karta where exquisite batik is made with indigo blue.

Indigo: A World of Blue
shot on location at the Pitchi Reddy indigo farm in southern India. The work also features indigo use in Sindh, Pakistan; the Vientiane District of Loas; the island of Sumba, Indonesia; Yogyakarta, Indonesia, village Dhamadka, India; and Suleymanköy, Turkey (the village which does most of the wool dying for carpet making co-operatives involved in the DOBAG project). Featuring renowned indigo scholar Jenny Balfour Paul speaking about indigo's fascinating history, traditions, superstitions and lore.

Born from a need to document the evanescent world of craft the film is part of a 4 film series of compelling and insightful documentaries. Working mainly with India, but also with several other areas, the films document the production of embroidered, block printed, hand-woven, and naturally dyed textiles. Focusing on areas where excellence is still the tradition, these documentaries are deeply concerned with the viability of craft and the lives of the artisans.

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