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Indian Mysticism

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Indian Mysticism


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Double DVD with 6 Episodes (also available individually for streaming):

Who Am I? - Man looks for help when in need… This leads him to search for tools that provide solutions to his problems.  Nadi Shastra, one of the most foremost astrological sciences, written on palm leaves nearly 2500 years ago by the “Saptarishis” (seven sages) is one such solution. English, 30 mins.

Maha Kumbh - Seldom do 70 million people congregate over a period of a few weeks to seek salvation – irrespective of their individual belief and creed or ethos.  The Mahakumbh at Allahbad, which began on 9 January 2001, was perhaps the only spiritual event that gathered such mega numbers of humanity in one place in the true spirit of ‘Jagat Kutumbkam’ – or one global family.  English, 27 mins.

Saadhana: The Art of Devotion is a film for not just western audiences wanting to know more about Hindu practices, but also for the Hindus themselves.  A 22 minute documentary produced by Anita Roy, directed by RA Mahiema explains step by step process and meaning of the most common Hindu rituals. English, 22 mins.

Aghoris - It is not uncommon for humans to eat flesh.  There still exist the ‘Aghoris’ who practice the grotesque act of devouring a piece of dead rotten flesh, especially if the corpse has just been reduced to ashes. These devout followers of Lord Shiva are convinced that this is not a cannibalistic act. English, 12 mins.

Whispers: Grace of the Divine is a true story of a mother’s journey to re-bond with her son on “the other side” when she discovers a tool to connect to him with guidance!  The tool is auto-writing and soon enough she is lead on her spiritual journey to find her ‘spiritual master’ on the other realm!! English, 30 mins.

Let Me Learn
- Education is a huge need in third world countries.  This is particularly important for girls.  A country cannot achieve its development goals if the girls are left behind.  The Soroptimist Club of Pune (which is part of the International Soroptimist – a professional women’s service club) has a project for the education of the girl child.  In a small way they try to bridge the literacy gap. English, 14 mins.

*Please note: some of these shorts have an archival quality; however, they are valuable content for research and teaching purposes.

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