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In Search of Josephine

The Life and Legacy of Josephine Bonaparte

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In Search of Josephine


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Would Napoleon have ever become Emperor without his Josephine? This two-part documentary series revisits the life of an incredibly modern woman from her childhood spent in the island of Martinique, to her coronation as Empress at age 41, and finally to her death – from a simple cold – ten years later in her palace, Malmaison.

We find ourselves retracing her steps in France and Italy and discover a character much more complex and interesting than what has been written about her by previous historians. With the help of historical reenactments, paintings and illustrations, this revealing documentary reconstructs the important moments of her extraordinary life.

Having survived a devastating hurricane, a death sentence, firing cannons, a bombing and even a balcony fall, Josephine continues to fascinate millions of people worldwide, not only because she was wife to one of the most well-known characters in history, but also because the life she led – full of drama and grandeur – was greater than any role ever imagined in fiction.

An excellent investigation and recreation of a fascinating and complex woman.”  
J. David Markham, President of the International Napoleonic Society

One of the real achievements of this film is that it opens up the Naploelonic period to a much wider audience than those who would often be drawn to this period. The film reminds us of the wider influence that the events in Revolutionary France had on the whole world, and the importance of appreciating the period through other perspectives… 

The film reveals Josephine’s extraordinarily strong personality until the viewer is left with an impression of a unique woman finding her way in revolutionary times.  The very fact of seeing a woman’s perspective in Napoleonic times is fascinating in itself… A memorable 2 episode DVD set… I recommend it highly.” 
William Fletcher, Research Officer of The Napoleonic Association

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