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Hip-Hop Dance - History and Concept STOCKTAKE

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Hip-Hop Dance - History and Concept  STOCKTAKE


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The DVD is an exciting new documentary that explores the history and scope of the Hip-Hop dance phenomenon. One of the most frequently asked questions about this dance form is, What is Hip-Hop dance? HISTORY AND CONCEPT OF HIP-HOP DANCE explores this world-renowned style of dance first introduced to mainstream America in the early 1970’s as Break-Dancing (or B-Boyin’), a dance movement expressed to Rap music. In the early 1980’s, the focus of Hip-Hop dance moved to a variety of specific party dances. Dances like the Wop, Cabbage-Patch, Running-Man, and many others enabled a larger community of dancers to get in on the fun. Those dancers who did not have the athletic ability to be a B-Boy (Break-Dancer), could now get out on the dance floor and participate in this exciting creative dance movement.

The deeply rooted Hip-Hop dance style has now become a global marketing phenomenon. Despite its popularity, Hip Hop continues to struggle to find its definition in terms of historical lineage, concept, origins, aesthetics, and generational acceptance. HISTORY AND CONCEPT OF HIP-HOP DANCE features expert opinions about the heritage of hip-hop dance from pioneers of B-Boy and party dancing, commercially successful choreographers, and the international new generational dancers and instructors.

HISTORY AND CONCEPT OF HIP-HOP DANCE also provides a great start to help provoke the academic conversations needed to understand and appreciate the deep structure of the hip-hop dance culture’s mode of communication via language, movement, and music. This documentary helps the viewer to understand the aesthetic qualities that began in the Afro-Latin communities, which have now become a popular global expressive art form.

Moncell Durden, the Director of HISTORY AND CONCEPT OF HIP-HOP DANCE, has spent his life doing the different dance styles under the umbrella of Hip-Hop dance from their beginnings. Moncell was trained by the Electric Boogaloos, the creators of Popping/Boogaloo, the Lockers, and the hip-hop dance crew, Elite Force. He has spent over 8 years performing with Rennie Harris Puremovement. Moncell is an adjunct professor at Pennsylvania’s Drexel University, and has lectured about the history and dance styles of Hip-Hop in America, South America, Europe and Asia for the past 10 years.


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