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Handmade Watches

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Handmade Watches


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4 DVD Set
World-class features, elegance, speed and obsession with perfection: the DVD is one of the two volumes of the series introducing designers and makers of exclusive cars and watches from UK, London, Italy, New York, USA, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and France.

Disc 1:
Sven Andersen  Andersen Watches
John McGonigle  McGonigle Watches
Nicolas Hayek  Swatch Group
Bernhard Lederer  Atelier BLU
Bernard Richards  BRM Watches
Total running time: 68 mins.

Disc 2:
F. Baumgartner & M. Frei  Urwerk Watches
Gerd Lang  Chronoswiss
Jean-Claude Biver  Hublot Watches
Jerome De Witt  De Witt Geneva
Jorg Hysek  HD3 Complications
Total running time: 63 mins.

Disc 3:
Kari Voutilainen  Voutilainen TVC
Marco Lang  Lang Heyne Watches
Peter Speake-Marin  Speake-Marin Watches
Roger Smith  Roger Smith Watches
Severin Wunderman  Corum
Total running time: 66 mins.

Disc 4:
Stephen Forsey  Greubel Forsey
Thierry Nataf  Zenith Watches
Thomas Prescher  Thomas Prescher Watches
Vianney Halter  Vianney Halter Watches
Volker Vyskocil  Volker Vyskocil Watches
Osvaldo Patrizzi  Patrizzi & Co Watches
Total running time: 80 mins.

Item is available worldwide.

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