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Great Tales In Asian Art STOCKTAKE

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Great Tales In Asian Art STOCKTAKE


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Filmed on location, four beloved stories of India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan are told through the masterpieces of visual art and the stirring performances these tales have inspired for centuries.

The Ramayana the epic adventurers of India's legendary hero, illustrated with Indonesian sculpture and Javanese shadow play. In the Korean Masked Dance Drama, told by actors wearing audaciously conceived masks, social satire is masked by bold humor and comic dance. Gita Govinda, India's great erotic poem is interpreted by a beautiful dancer and celebrated in lyrical painted images. The Tale of Genji, the amorous adventures of Prince Genji are told by a Japanese woman in period costume, as colorful paintings from scrolls and screens illustrate Japan's most famous romantic novel.

Combining the visual arts with performance in a new original format, Great Tales in Asian Art is an imaginative and entertaining introduction to the art of Asia.


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