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Great Artists One with Tim Marlow - 1

Featuring 14 episodes on two DVD

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Great Artists One with Tim Marlow - 1


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Great Artists with Tim Marlow is a major 14 part television series in which art historian Tim Marlow takes a fresh look at the most important artworks of some the greatest artists in history.

Shot on location in over 50 galleries, museums, churches and palaces throughout Europe and the United States, Great Artists with Tim Marlow is a comprehensive survey of the history of Western art. Both intelligent and informative, the series aims to provide an uncomplicated and accessible analysis of the works and artists featured.

The series begins with Giotto, the 14th century artist who laid the foundations the Renaissance, with his expressive style and dramatic compositions. Then come the ‘heavyweights’ of the history of art, the grand masters of the High Renaissance - Leonardo, painter, inventor, genius; Dürer, master of the woodcut and the oil painting, leading artist of the movement in the North; Michelangelo, perhaps the most famous of all the great artists; Raphael, the young pretender from Urbino and Titian the Venetian master of colour and light.

After the Renaissance in Italy, artistic innovation spread to other corners of Europe. From the Low Countries, modern day Belgium and Holland, came Bruegel, the irreverent painter of peasant life; Rubens, chief exponent of the Baroque style and painter to the courts of Europe; Rembrandt, self portraitist extraordinaire, master of the Dutch Golden Age and Vermeer whose paintings of 17th century interiors provide a mesmerising window into a past world.

In Spain too, the production of art flourished, led by two enormously influential painters – El Greco, who developed a radical, individual style and Velázquez, preferred painter of Phillip IV who invested his portraits with an enormous sensitivity.

The series ends with two visionary artists who have had an enormous impact on the art of the modern world: Turner, whose dramatic landscape compositions anticipated the abstraction of the following century and Van Gogh, whose highly expressive style and tragic life has secured his notoriety throughout the 20th century and beyond.

Further Information:
Episode 1 - Giotto
Episode 2 - Leonardo
Episode 3 - Dürer
Episode 4 - Michelangelo
Episode 5 - Raphael
Episode 6 - Titian
Episode 7 - Bruegel
Episode 8 - El Greco
Episode 9 - Rubens
Episode 10 - Velàzquez
Episode 11 - Rembrandt
Episode 12 - Vermeer
Episode 13 - Turner
Episode 14 - Van Gogh

Directed by: Phil Grabsky, Ali Ray and Mehreen Saigol.
Produced by Phil Grabsky.

“Scarcely a minute passed that was not packed with information, insight and enthusiasm”
“As ideal a presenter of a series on artists as you could hope to find”
– Daily Mail

“Marlow’s easy style and accessible language are as enjoyable as ever”
– Time Out

“Unpretentious and straightforward art history” – Financial Times

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