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Graffiti Verite 11: Don't Believe Da Noize : Voices from da Hip-Hop Undaground (Part One)

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Graffiti Verite 11: Don't Believe Da Noize :  Voices from da Hip-Hop Undaground (Part One)


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This documentary is an in-depth exploration of the process, thoughts,  raison 'etre, creative expressions and  paths taken by some of the most prolific, innovative and outrageous Urban Artists and thinkers of our time.   Not limited by the contraints of "commercialized" standards these "creators"  have  travelled  diverse paths to development & articulation of their dynamic & impactful art form.

 *   From the genius of twin black female indie animation filmmakers

*   The uncompromising Pathos of the Undocumented  Emcee

*   Hip-Hop Authors & Intellectuals

*  Korean feminine Hip-Hop MC lamenting on topics of  Love, sexism & pressure to conform to    the contemporary asian Lil Kim image type

*  Amazing Hip-Hop Filmmaker who's film "Hip-Hop Resurrection: From NY to New Zealand " takes us back to the origins of Hip-Hop & the offspring of  American Hip-Hop

*  "Distorted Urban Realism" master painter who's creations (paintings & animation) have captured       the madcap soul & humor of Hip-Hop

*  The guts of an indigenous undaground Feminist Emcee who teaches & beseeches us                concerning the rampant trampling of  "Sacred Ground" in our cities, the epidemic  drug war and programmed poverty, as well as,  the systematic exploitation of the 3rd World

*  To the committed multi award-winning "Three (3) Time Teacher of the Year" Educator who literally wrote the book on how to use Hip-Hop Poetry as an educational  tool & bridge to teaching the curriculum friendly formal  English Poetry Classics.

*  A myriad array of talented MC performances

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