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Georgia : The Rose Revolution

From the R E V O L U T I O N S series

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Georgia : The Rose Revolution


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October 2003, Georgia. In this post-soviet Republic weakened by civil war and the
succession of several territories in the early 1990’s, a democratic opposition movement protests the outcome of the election, claiming fraud. Under the leadership of the charismatic Mikhail Saakachvili, also known as « Micha », the establishment is swept away in a mere few weeks.

The film shows an inside glance at a successful revolution, one that
remained non-violent and served as an inspiration for events which led other former
soviet republics, like Ukraine towards democracy. That context, however, remains
fragile, as can be seen in the « accidental » death on February 3, 2005 of Prime Minister Zourab Zhvania, close collaborator of the new President.

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