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China Screen : Generation 90

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China Screen : Generation 90


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The Chinese generation born in the 90s has not experienced the years of rationing, hunger, deprivation or intense work their parents and grandparents were exposed to. On the contrary, often the only child, many of today's young people benefitted from a new wealth and enjoyed an adolescence in very favorable conditions. Today, at the dawn of their adult lives, they raise the question of their future.

While they are more than ever faced with the challenges of our modern, connected and globalized world, they experience very competitive, violent times. They wonder about the place that should be given to the old traditions of their country. Contemporary Chinese youth is plagued with doubts about the model of society that it is being proposed, while the councils of elders no longer have the impact they once had, because never before has China known such a dramatic development.

To better understand some of the challenges Youngsters face, HE Wenzhong filmed young people of China’s Southern coastal region of Taochew during more than three years. His observational documentary points at the dreams, the illusions and the realities of some of them and offers the viewer a straight and uncompromising view of the situation.

Directed by He Wenzhong
Written by Michel Noll & He Wenzhong
Editing : Cécile Beaulande
Music by : Ma Hanyang
Produced by Michel Noll

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