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GALLERY WATCH: Contemporary Aboriginal Art - 3 DVD Set

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GALLERY WATCH: Contemporary Aboriginal Art - 3 DVD Set


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GALLERY WATCH is a multi-award winning series featuring Australian Artists in the gallery exhibition settings. The interviews are invaluable snapshots of artists at a particular stage of their artistic development. The camera shows the artworks on display and allows a brief insight to the interaction between artist and audiences.

3 DVD Set:

5 Artists
Karen Reys, Lance Chadd, Bevan Thompson, Sandra Hill Also, a holistic retrospective work of Dr Richard Walley and his involvement in promoting Nyoongar culture to local, state and international audiences. In visual arts, music and dance, Richard Walley continues to expresses with pride his Nyoongar culture and heritage.

Artist Communities
Four exhibitions between 2004-2008 featuring the art and artists from Aboriginal communities: Cape to Cove, Genulla Groups, Pilbarra Art, and Looma Artists Group from the Kimberley in two different exhibitions.

Norma Mac Donald
4 Solo exhibitions between 2003 - 2008

In 1977 with a Diploma in TV Production, Tibor took up a role as Producer for Hungarian National Television until moving to Western Australia in 1982, where he studied film & television and history at Murdoch University which he successfully completed in 1986. Through 1987 to 1991 Tibor worked for Soundstage Australia and then Soundstage International as Producer and Head of Production working on the development and marketing of television projects and international feature films. Based in Europe in 1991 he set up an animation company which catered for major production houses throughout Europe. Returning to Western Australia in 1995 Tibor established ICA, a company which made children’s programs. From 2000 he worked in the community TV sector producing many hours of television programs for Fox and Free to Air. In 2008 Tibor, with a handful of others, successfully tendered and won the Community Television licence, Channel 44 for West TV limited. With a position on the board of West TV Tibor’s roles also include Secretary, General Manager, Director of Programing and Distribution. Over the years Tibor has been recognised by his peers with a number of industry awards including 6 National and 2 Western Australian screen awards. The latest a WASA Award for Best Live Television Program in 2013.

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