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From Aristotle to Hawking

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From Aristotle to Hawking


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This comprehensive documentary focuses on philosophical and scientific theories throughout time from the ancient Greeks to the 21st century. It describes, in 12 episodes, what the ancient Hellenes believed about man, the soul and the universe and why there was never a beginning to the universe.

Is there a BIG BANG? If so, what comes first, the fact or the law? What is space? Why does the universe expand? Could everything end in zero and our life have merely been a beautiful fairytale?

Is there a universal god? Where do Quantum Mechanics lead us? Can the entire universe fit inside a molecule in the mind of humans? Is the “human principle” a reality? Are the man and the Universe two universes, and one fits inside the other? Are humans etermal in an eternal world?

What is God? Who created the world? Who overseas the world’s functioning? Is the universe theocratic? How does God’s mind work? Is a man part of the universal God? Does man participate in the creation of the world?

How does nature work? How does nature’s clock work? Do animals and plants have souls? Could animals have “knowledge of the future”? Could the entire kingdom of nature be the “hard disk” of a computer? What is birth, reproduction, death and birth once again?

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