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Flausfilm + Peter Tammer collection

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Flausfilm + Peter Tammer collection


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The series includes four films by Peter Tammer  (see more about the individual titles by following the links):

Journey to the End of Night

Mallacoota Stampede
Fear of the Dark

Free addition to the series: Flausfilm by Peter Tammer

A portrait of the actor, film teacher, critic, and legendary cinephile, John Flaus, in a unique film mosaic structured around cryptic crossword clues and solutions suggesting the content of the twelve sequences.
Extracts from some of his many film and stage performances are intercut with scenes from some of his favourite movies and juxtaposed against scenes of his everyday life.
This film was shot between 1988 and 1992 when John’s life was in a particular stage of transition, moving from Fitzroy where he lived alone, to share life with his partner Natalie de Maccus.
Shown as a “work in-progress” at the Melbourne Film Festival 1992, the film was denied completion funding and was put on hold. From 2007 Tammer and editor Kit Guyatt reconstructed the film, completing it in November 2009. Together they have created an affectionate yet unsentimental portrait of Flaus, which resonates as a true and accurate representation of an amazing man.
Is there anyone else who knows the Australian film industry like John Flaus?

1964-1973, beginning as an independent filmmaker and freelance editor, Peter worked at Eltham Films, Commonwealth Film Unit, and also produced some extremely low-budget commercials.

Between 1973-1975 he was employed as a Tutor in a film course for teacher training at Melbourne State College, Carlton. Peter was also a founding member of the Melbourne Filmmaker's Co-op when setting up at the Spring St. venue, and a contributing member at Lygon St., Carlton venue until 1976.

1976-1978 Peter left his teaching position at Melb State College, and returned to freelance editing. In 1977 he was approached by Brian Robinson to take on part-time teaching at Swinburne F&TV.

1979-1998 Peter was appointed Lecturer in Film at Swinburne, later VCA Film and TV School. Between 1979 and 1983 he taught the 2nd year of the Undergraduate course, and when Nigel Buesst retired Peter was appointed to supervise the Post Graduate course in Narrative/Drama.

Following study leave which included a trip to America in 1985 to examine the early versions of computerised editing systems for film and television, Peter was appointed Senior Lecturer in Film at Swinburne, afterwards the VCA, continuing his role as "year lecturer" for the narrative/drama stream of the Post-Graduate course.

1996-1998 Peter helped initiate and was placed in charge of a specialised strand for Documentary in the VCA Post-Graduate course, and in partnership with Megan Spencer as co-manager, ran "The Doco Club" on a regular weekly basis introducing members and visitors to a wide range of documentary productions from local and international sources. Peter retired from the VCA in July 1998.

Throughout the period 1977 - 1998 Peter continued producing his personal films which are recorded in the filmography below, winning some major awards. As listed, some of his films were invited to participate in local and overseas festivals.

Peter is now living in Kyneton, central Victoria. See Peter Tammer's website

<!--[endif]-->"Flausfilm is one man’s response to another, over time but also in a particular period of time. It is not a biography, or even a comprehensive portrait. This is a personal, impressionistic, passionate, subjective portrait." John Cumming

"What the film highlights so well is what I guess most of us appreciated i.e., Flaus's singularity. To me he is a kind of renaissance man of cinephilia with an extraordinary range of intellectual engagement." Bruce Hodsdon

"I was blown away by the density of it; its layers of insight, its resonance, Flaus as a person, (of which I know only a little), and the built-in sense of struggle with it all. This is really one of those films that improves with subsequent viewings." Richard Leigh

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