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Five Friends

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Five Friends


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Five Friends American philosopher Elbert Hubbard was fond of quoting his father on friendship. "When you die," his father would tell him, "if you've got five real friends, you've had a great life." Five Friends, written and directed by Erik Santiago, is the story of how one man sought to live that life. Beautifully shot, from the mountains of Southern California to the New England coastline, the film follows a 65-year-old man and his five closest friends as they navigate and reflect on success, conflict, marriage, divorce, fatherhood, children, and dying.
From touching moments and humor to horrific tragedy and darkness, Five Friends offers a breathtaking exploration of the emotional lives of men, and a deeply moving portrait of what men are capable of when they dare to open up with one another. Features commentary from experts including bestselling author and renowned sociologist Michael Kimmel. A ManTiago Films/Captive Pictures Production.

Filmmaker Info 
Written, Produced & Directed by Erik Santiago 
Producer & Collaborator: Hank Mandel 
Co-producer: Ken Stewart 
Director of Photography: Sean Conaty 
Editor: Kyle Gilbertson

"Five Friends is beautifully shot, simply and tastefully edited, funny, painful, poignant... a movie that inspires 'bros', 'buds' and 'dudes' to reach for something more in their relationships -- with themselves and with each other." - Boysen Hodgson | ManKind Project

"...few have tackled the topic as deeply, poignantly, sensitively, and seriously as filmmaker Erik Santiago... I was more moved and motivated about male friendships from this film than I have been by any Promise Keepers event, Bible study, or weekend men's retreat." - Mark Moring | Christianity Today

"A great new hour long documentary has just arrived from Eric Santiago and Ken Stewart about one man's (Hank's) connections with four men friends. The film shows the racial, age, and class diversity that can occur between men friends and how they can engage in deeply moving discussions about feelings, life, marriages lost, and relationships won. Sociologist Michael Kimmel intersperses commentary that helps give a broader view of men's friendships than just the idiosyncractic view offered by Hank et al. This helps to round out an understanding of the topic of male friendships. In Hank's view, men's friendships should involve open discussions about feelings. Men should work toward a physically and emotionally expressive relationship with other men. Only then, Hank believes, can true connections be made. Men are often afraid to express their emotions and vulnerabilities to other men. Not Hank. In one great scene in the movie, he is having breakfast with a friend who is cooking up scrambled eggs. As they sit down to eat, Hank tells his friend he gets jealous when he hears this friend is going off with other guys for a weekend. He feels left out and wants to be included. It is a well-done and understated scene that I think speaks to what many other men would feel in this situation but would never feel comfortable saying. The men in the video are nested in families; though women and children play only a peripheral role in this film, Eric Santiago opens and closes the movie with his feelings about the birth of his first son - who appears in the final scene. Men's groups in particular might enjoy the film but anyone working with men who have problems with getting close to other men could also benefit." - Dr. Geoffrey Greif | Professor, University of Maryland School of Social Work | Author, Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships

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