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Faculty Lounge

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Faculty Lounge


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Founding Wavelength member Debbie Lauer's one-woman comedy revue takes place during the week the "teacher of the year" award is announced. Debbie's eleven characters, teachers, parents, students and administrators, are as varied, amusing and eccentric as in any real faculty lounge.

The package includes: two video tapes (Tape A and Tape B) and a 12 page Study Guide to get your faculty talking!

Tape A - The show tape- 56 mins
Faculty Lounge! Taped live, at the Annual Platteville, Wisconsin Educational Conference.

Tape B - The Training Tape - 65 mins
Same engaging version of Faculty Lounge!

But we've added on-screen breaks that ask viewers to reflect on the interpersonal issues raised by the program including:
• Dealing with parents
• Attitudes toward change
• Stress and support systems
• Student-teacher relationships
• The power of teachers
2000 54:01 mins

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