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Fabulous Creatures

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Fabulous Creatures


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'Fabulous Creatures' is a 3-part series looking at three artists: Troy Emery, Kate Rohde and Tarryn Gill who work with sculpture reimagining the natural world in extreme and colourful ways.
By building alternative visions of life and death, and drawing on a love and fascination with animals and playing with the idea of trophy and memento, they create an escape from the way we traditionally view nature and the creatures and worlds that surround us.

Part 1 Tarryn Gill
Exploring a glittery dark world Perth artist creates magical creatures with her hands. Inspired by her own life and by the concept of death and memorial.

Part 2 Troy Emery
Faux taxidermy is how Melbourne-based artist describes his work. His colourful sculptures explore our relationship and history with the animal world.

Part 3 Kate Rohde
Inspired by a childhood roaming amongst nature this Melbourne based artist creates vivid colourful sculptures imbued with fantasy and a love for the extremes of the natural world.

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