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Experiments in New York

Takahiko iimura

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Experiments in New York


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A collection of videos in various different styles which concerns with New York as the object and/or the subject responding to the request by the Donnel Library in New York.

"New York Scenes" (1967) is sketches of certain scenes and portraits including, a famous filmmaker, Jack Smith with his film "Flaming Creatures." Made with one scene per chapter, consisting of five chapters. "New York Hot Springs" (1984) is scenes of steam coming out of various streets of New York, a typical scene in winter, in repeated cycles of short shots. Though the scenes are shot at the same locations, the timings are differed slightly in every cycle. "Talking in New York (Realizing the words of Jacques Derrida)" (1981) is a kind of first person cinema in which iimura voices and listens to himself on the streets of New York speaking a same sentence by French philosopher, Jacques Derrida, what he calls "phenomenological essence," in Japanese and English." - Takahiko iimura

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