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Everyman is a late 15th-century English morality play.  It examines the question of Christian salvation by use of allegorical characters, and what Man must do to attain it. The premise is that the good and evil deeds of one's life will be tallied by God after death, as in a ledger book. The play is the allegorical accounting of the life of Everyman, who represents all mankind. In the course of the action, Everyman tries to convince other characters to accompany him in the hope of improving his account. All the characters are also allegorical, each personifying an abstract idea such as Fellowship, (material) Goods, and Knowledge. The conflict between good and evil is dramatized by the interactions between characters.

Produced in conjunction with medieval literature scholar Howard Schless of Columbia University, this production of Everyman is staged in period costume and follows
the original text. Portraying Goods, Fellowship, Beauty,Strength, Good Deeds, Knowledge, God, and Death, it highlights the aspects of the medieval drama that appealed to audiences of the late 15th and early 16th centuries.

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