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Embodied Humility

Josef Nadj

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Embodied Humility


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This film documents Josef Nagy’s creative method, from initial rehearsals through to the premiere.  It focuses on his production of Sho-bo-gen-zo/The path of true seeing, created in his hometown of Magyarkanizsa in the summer of 2008.

Josef’s faithful approach can be observed not just in the practice room but also on the stage. During the rehearsals he often remains silent for hours, yet his strong spirit can control and conduct the entire play.

His theatre is made up of commitment, gentle devotion, movements of bodies followed by rational thinking.



The performances of Josef Nadj can be categorised by the common characteristics of play, dance and theatre. In his creations music and visual arts are essential.


For Nadj, a sense of place is fundamental, and again he returns to the space of Magyarkanizsa, the narrow space extending from the river Tisza to the white alkaline plain of Járás. The emptiness of the desert landscape is a recurring theme in Nadj’s work, while the river is a meditative place that restores a sense of balance.

In this work Nadj sets himself a new challenge as he digresses from the stage, building and devising theatre in an unaccustomed space.

director: Attila Iván and Zoltán Bicskei
screenplay: Zoltán Bicskei
music: Vladimir Tarasov
cameraman: Iván Attila
producer: CINEMA FILMMŰHELY, Magyarkanizsa

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