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Josef Nadj & Theatre JEL

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In Eden, Nadj extends his 20th century social picture to the wider European region, tackling the theme of exploitation in totalitarian societies. It powerfully illustrates the mental and physical harm produced by dictatorships in 20th century Central-Europe. It shows how ordinary people try to defend themselves spiritually and mentally.

Eden is about a poet who has been living abroad for many years and dreams of one day returning home. The name 'Eden' identifies with the memory of home, but when the poet is imprisoned upon his return, the dream quickly becomes a living hell.

The emotionally strong work of Nadj feeds from his memories from his hometown Magyarkanizsa and is inspired by the love of the landscape he comes from.

Performers:  Jozef Nadj, Isvan Bicskei, Gyula Francia, Sandor Krupa, Peter Gemza, Gyork Szakonyi, Kinga Mezei, Kriszta Szorcsik
Musicians: Ákos Szelevényi, András Vígh, Žorž Grujić,  ifj. Béla Burány, Béla Ágoston, Balázs Szokolay Dongó, Róbert Benkő, Tamás Geröly

Jozef Nadj is one of Europe’s well known contemporary actors and directors. He is the director of the contemporary dance theatre Centré Chorégraphique d'National Orléans’ and the founder of JEL Theatre in Magyarkanizsa.
Nadj has spent twenty years at the forefront of European avant-garde theatre.
His work won several awards and prices. Amongst others he received la Légion d'Honneur by the French Republic for his cultural works. Jozef Nadj and his company are regular performers throughout Europe, North and South America, Russia, Japan and Israel. Based on movement, live music and metaphorical images Nadj’s performances are examples of non-naturalistic and non-narrative often surreal European experimental theatre.

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