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Digital Composition

Bello Benischauer

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Digital Composition


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A series of five DVDs by Bello Benischauer (2002-2006), an Austrian/Australian video artist, whose work is presented through Video Festivals, Multimedia Events and Interdisciplinary Art Projects around the world. Differences and cultural identities are the main issue of work, which focuses on modern movements inspired by nature and urban settings in relation to existing terms of ordinary life. Calling it video poetry and avant-garde films the single DVDs include special features and English/German language selection.

A special edition presenting a summary of the main digital work by bello benischauer on a double-DVD from 2001-2006, containing video-documentations of interdisciplinary exhibitions, videos from the DVD series and single video installations. 2006 154 mins.

Also available: DIGITAL TRILOGY 2003
PROJECT X… six transformations of life 2004/05

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His work in digital video and performance was a key to the symposium’s international scope, and proved exemplary as to how a multiplicity of approaches to the new art of performance cinema provides a deeper understanding of many aspects of performance cinema - form, content, political, global, etc.” (Henry Warwick, curator SFPCS San Francisco Performance Cinema Symposium 2003.

“What I particularly like about Bello’s work is it has great variety in style, theme and concepts, and this allows a newer observer of contemporary digital art to appreciate a diverse range of works. The different projects give an insight into what is possible with the application of new technologies to New Media Art.” (Graeme Watson, Professional Development and Training Manager - Film and Television Institute WA Australia)

“I believe that the work has redeeming educational merit. It is insightful and unique and is of interest to anyone involved in the contemporary creative arts.” (Dr P. E. Mudie, Discipline Chair - Visual Arts, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts University of Western Australia)

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