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Designers - Volume 3

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Designers - Volume 3

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This series explores the design process from conception to realisation in a broad range of settings. These programs present working designers solving real design problems. We see how they formulate their ideas and bring them to life as products or processes utilising a variety of materials, technologies and production methods. The aim of this series is to stimulate interest in design and the application of technologies for a secondary school audience.

Episode 7.   Jewellery
An industrial designer shows up how he hand-makes high quality pressed jewellery from silver and gold. His process is contrasted with mass produced jewellery cast from pewter for the surf market.

Episode 8.  Agriculture
A farmer shows us the system she designed for breeding alpacas and farming them for wool production. Another farmer details the system he has devised for growing and distributing hydroponic lettuces.

Episode 9.   Plastic Bottle
Two industrial designers devise an innovative new plastic sports drink bottle and a special sealing cap. The program introduces plastic as a material and shows the most common methods of manufacture used in the plastics industry.

Episode 10.  Solar Kayak
We meet a man who designs and builds solar-powered kayaks made from fibreglass. His craft is propelled by an electric motor that is powered by an innovative solar panel.

The other episodes are available here: Volume 1 and Volume 2 The series is also available in a set.

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