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Designers - Volume 2

Episodes 4-6.

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Designers - Volume 2


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This series explores the design process from conception to realisation in a broad range of settings. These programs present working designers solving real design problems. We see how they formulate their ideas and bring them to life as products or processes utilising a variety of materials, technologies and production methods. The aim of this series is to stimulate interest in design and the application of technologies for a secondary school audience.

Episode 4.  Car
Two young automotive designers develop their concepts for the exterior and interior of a car. Their ideas are refined through the construction of full-scale clay models, and finally we see the cars being built on the assembly line.

Episode 5.  Fashion
A fashion designer for a street-wear label reveals the process that turns a sketch in his notebook into a garment hanging on the rack in a clothes shop. We see all the steps in the process.

Episode 6.  Shopping Complex
The work of architects and interior designers is highlighted in this program. They plan and supervise the building of a new suburban shopping complex, with all the design considerations that entails.

The other episodes are available here: Volume 1 and Volume 3. The series is also available in a set.

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