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Dance Vivaldi: A Contemporary Baroque Ballet STOCKTAKE

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Dance Vivaldi: A Contemporary Baroque Ballet  STOCKTAKE


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Dance Vivaldi: A Contemporary Baroque Ballet is a modern expression of the great tradition of French Baroque Dance. Dissolving the boundaries between past and present, it blends delicate French Baroque technique with the vibrant motion of contemporary dance. The result is a new creation, which brings a rich heritage forward to enhance the modern world. This “contemporary baroque” is an innovative approach.

The music in the video production is the renowned Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The concepts and phrasing of the dance are in perfect concert with the musical imagery. In sensitive synchronization, the dancers’ movements reflect the musical themes. In this “must see” DVD, visual poetry mirrors the aural poetry.

This production, created by a French choreographer who understands music and dance vocabulary with deep expertise, can open doors for artists, academics and dance enthusiasts. Through the fascination for the heritage of dance, we can seek to add to our own knowledge and to enrich our imagination for the future.

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