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Dada and New Objectivity - 1000 Masterworks

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Dada and New Objectivity - 1000 Masterworks


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1000 Masterpieces from the Great Museums of the World is one of the most successful TV series about art. The original, with improved image quality, takes us on a fascinating journey through the history of art. Comprehensively illustrated and compellingly presented - the well -known authors of five short art surveys provide a deeper insight into the masterpieces of painting.

The First World War brought radical changes to the world, and art responded with breaks in tradition and provocative concepts. Whereas Dadaists such as Hanna Höch exposed society in seemingly absurd, naïve collages using fragments of daily life, artists such as Otto Dix documented the terror of the trenches and the cesspools of vice with harsh realism.

A film by Reiner E. Moritz
Kurt Schwitters: Merzbild 25 A (1920)
Hannah Höch: Cut With the Kitchen Knife (1919–20)
Francis Picabia: Very Rare Picture on the Earth (1915)
George Grosz: Untitled (1920)
Otto Dix: Flanders (1934–36)

Menu languages: German, English, French
Audio languages: German, English, (French)

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