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Crisis of the Cultural Environment

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Crisis of the Cultural Environment


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Turning to issues of media policy, George Gerbner delivers a stinging indictment of the way the so called "information superhighway" is being constructed. By examining the logic of globalization he shows the ineffectual nature of our present responses - such as the V-Chip - to deal with the urgent crisis of the media. Showing the real uses to which the "information superhighway" will be put by its corporate masters, he urges the citizens of the world to struggle for democratic principles in the cultural environment.

Sections: Intro | 57 Channels & Nothing On | Who Will Control the 500 Channels? | Global Expansion | Public Funded Television: An Alternative | Taxation Without Representation: The Commercial Funding of TV | The V-Chip: The Fox Guarding the Chicken Coop | Democracy in the Media Age | Don't Agonize: Organize

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