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Crime & Punishment: Cyber Predators/Child Sex Abuse, Drugs & White Collar Crime

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Crime & Punishment: Cyber Predators/Child Sex Abuse, Drugs & White Collar Crime


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The reality of crime is a far cry from the ‘sensationalisation’ in mass media. In the community's efforts to fully understand and manage the underlying causes and effects of criminal activity, unsung heroes such as survivors of crime, advocacy groups and other players often go unnoticed and unacknowledged.
This unique 13 episode series serves to inform and educate on crime and justice issues and gives voice to the people working in the background in society's efforts to deal with crime. Each episode deals with one aspect of crime, punishment and justice, providing insights about both victims and offenders. The program considers the combination of police, victims, government services and legal and crime prevention approaches, which help explain some of the complexities behind crime.
Crime Research Expert Dr David Indermaur of the Crime and Research Centre at The University of Western Australia hosts the program. Psychologist Stephen Proud gives insight on criminal activities and the legal discussions are presented by Professor David Malcolm QC (former Chief Justice of WA) and Hon Tom Percy QC. In each episode, Dr Indermaur discusses what the court system is doing about crime and what actually happens in court proceedings and the process of judgment. The series also features perpetrators and victims of crime as well as discussions among various panels of experts who give deeper insight into the issues underlying each topic of crime.


Volume 3

Cyber Predators/Child Sex Abuse

Drugs: A Black Economy

White Collar Crime


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Volume 2


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