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Create! - Women Artists in Haiti

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Create! - Women Artists in Haiti


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Two films by Natacha Giafferi-Dombre exploring women artist communities of Haiti.

Create!: In Port-au-Prince and  its surroundings, women from very modest backgrounds try to transcend their material condition by practising a powerfully expressive folk art. Glitter, paint, plastic, metal, waste: nothing escapes their creative desire.

A source of pride as well as a means of expression and empowering,  this profession like no others also gives them a certain financial  independence.  But let there be no mistake: the task is not easy and competition is fierce.

If popular culture ithe culture of those who are deprived of  power, then thpower to create gives the 14 women of this choral film the desire to continue the struggle...         

24 minutes

Girls Like Me (Jen Fi Parey Mwen): Summer 2015 - Young Haitian women artists prepare themselves for the 2015 Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince. They are poor, yet choosing the life and status of artists is empowering them, making the girls feel they are part of a community.

These young squatting artists of the Atis Rezistans Collective: Mabelle, Dieunie, Carline, Cyndia and Kathelyne share views about their future, Vodou in art, recycling, and solidarity among women artists. 

11 minutes

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