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Chrissie Parrott Dance Architect

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Chrissie Parrott Dance Architect


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This candid interview reveals trade secrets and offers alternative approaches to fundamental skill- based ideas to aspiring choreographers.
Chrissie Parrott talks about striding through the physical architecture of musical scores, hand in hand with composers and conductors. She explores monumental structures like Stravinsky's 'Agon', through to the complex contemporary compositions of Cathie Travers and her emotive responses to those of Jonathon Mustard.

She describes how she tries to create type of holographic space and build safe structures for her dancers to dance upon, a place of trust where they are able to interpret her ideas. Discovering together the portals and gateways that open into the realms of imagination.

Her dancers work with an interior logic that sits in the centre of the multi layered and complex works that have become her trademark.

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