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China Screen: The Magical Surgeon

China Screen: The Magical Surgeon


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How far can we allow altruism to go?

Liu Haiying, referred by his patients as the “World’s Magical Surgeon”, is a Doctor of Medicine who grew up in the 1980s. His study experience in Germany in the 1990s allowed him to develop a rigorous and meticulous professional style. In his many years of medical practice, Liu Haiying often helped patients with severe spinal deformities from poor families with his own money. He knew that if these people did not undergo surgeries, they’d soon face organ failure or death.

But he also couldn’t afford to do long-term funding. Therefore, later he used the donations of recovered patients and their family members as well as some caring individuals as the initial capital, and established a spine health foundation named after him. Relying on the hospital department led by him, he began medical treatment for patients from poor families in the central and western regions in China.

However, the heavy workload around the clock had turned this good doctor into a patient to be looked after. His colleagues advised him to take care of his family and body more, but he couldn’t stop his efforts to “save those in need”. He is still stumbling along the way and guard-ing the patients that he could never give up on.

Directed and produced by: Jingyuan HAN ; Cinematographer: Wei LI, Sunyi CHEN, Hao LI ; Editing: Shuzen HU, Lei HAN

Item is not available in Hong Kong/Macau or Mainland China.

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