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China Screen : Piano Dream

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China Screen : Piano Dream


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Beijing, China. Yin Hong, 41 years old and her husband were born in the 50’s. The Cultural Revolution impacted dramatically on their youth: there was no place for any artistic expression. Yet, they loved music, and they have a gifted son, Lu Nan, who today is 15 year’s old. Going through many hardships, they attempt to build their son’s musical career with their own frustrated dreams. For Lu Nan, it becomes a difficult journey into maturity, and one wonders if exile is the price to pay for his freedom….

“Piano Dream” is a documentary about dreams. It is a story of desire for a child’s success, a dream journey binding two generations. The film brings attention to a woman’s choice and fate, probing the impact of her dream on her son’s growing up, on their relationship. It also shows the character’s bitterness to a point where one can ask oneself if her dream is not becoming her son’s nightmare.

The filmmaker followed the family for a long time and shot over a period of nearly three years. This film keeps faithful to real life, but maintains a poetic feel. It can be screened in its original 99 minutes version, or in the 52 minutes international TV version.

Available languages : English, French

Director : JUNQIAN Han

Item is available worldwide except in countries: FR, DE, CA, IN, CN.
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