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Chile: Hasta Cuando?

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Chile: Hasta Cuando?


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A portrait of a brutal Pinochet military dictatorship made during a three month visit to Chile in 1985 by David Bradbury. The footage reveals a country torn with civil strife and political unrest; military intimidation of the population; indiscriminate arrests: murder torture and disappearances were facts of Chilean life.

Bradbury's film traces the 12 years from 1973 to 1985 of General Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship whose forces seized power in a bloody, US-backed coup that left Marxist president Salvador Allende dead and with him any hopes of democracy remaining in Chile. Under General Pinochet's rule 50,000 Chileans have been detained, and many are missing. believed dead.

CHILE: HASTA CUANDO? ('when will it end?') reveals the tragedy of a divided country.

Producer/Director: David Bradbury
Editor: Stewart Young
Photography: Geoffrey Simpson
Sound Recording: Toivo Lember
Associate Producer: Leah Cocks

"David Bradbury keeps searching for the perfect socialist democracy, and his failure to find it often results in illuminating, angry and sometimes polemical documentaries."

"In most respects he constructs conventional Four Corners-style programs - a mixture of voice-over narration, talking heads and news cameraman's footage - but sometimes the footage is extraordinary. He has the knack, like the subject of his first documentary, the late Neil Davis, of being there when things are happening. (In fact, Bradbury seems to share that craving for excitement and danger that war cameramen have. The difference is that while they usually record and dispose of their film on the nightly news, Bradbury couples it with his political sensibilities - he judges what he sees, and puts it all together.)"

- The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday, May 22, 1986

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