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Cellular Aftershocks

A World Increasingly Dependent on the Smartphone

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Cellular Aftershocks


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An educational documentary on the impact that the smartphone has had on society, groups, couples and individuals around the planet.

The film follows six individuals from Delaware County, adjacent to Philadelphia, and includes experts in medicine, psychology, teaching, and learning, who have concentrated their efforts on addressing the "aftermath" of this piece of the technological revolution. The film is divided into sections (suitable for group study) but flows as one fluent piece as well.

The sections include:

1) Introduction and "technopherence"
2) Smartphone gratifications that can trigger dependency
3) Adolescence
4) Learning problems
5) Interpersonal difficulties
6) Loss of personal identity
7) Less productive work environments
8) Safety concerns
9) The advent of 5G
10) Solutions for dealing with smartphone dependency and addiction
11) Conclusion

While a primary audience consists of high school and college students, it also serves parents, educators, and all who will learn to view the smartphone as the key technological instrument for continued social change and future technological growth.

Produced, written and directed by Dwight DeWerth-Pallmeyer ;
Editor: Barry Levy ;
Senior Assistant: Paul Keenan

Dwight Pallmeyer is a documentary producer, director, writer, actor, voiceover artist, and
audio/video editor. Cellular Aftershocks (2020) is the second documentary, he has written,
produced, directed and narrated. The film is being distributed internationally by Indierights
Films, Los Angeles, and by Contemporary Arts Media (Victoria, Austrailia). This film
examines how smartphone technology and a growing dependency on it, is leading to a
variety of problems including: fragmented interpersonal relationships, depression, feelings
of isolation, and loss of self-authenticity. It also poses growing safety concerns and provides
a variety of solutions.
Pallmeyer wrote and produced his first feature-length documentary, The Critics: Stories
from the Inside Pages (2007). The 2007 film was distributed internationally via the US
based, Films for the Humanities, and by the Australian based, Contemporary Arts Media. In
2016-17, DeWerth-Pallmeyer has also acted in a number of dramatic shorts. Pallmeyer was
a radio news director in Wyoming and in Illinois. He contributed numerous reports to
National Public Radio, CBS Radio, and Monitor Radio.
In addition to his work as a broadcaster, actor, voiceover artist, and audio and film
producer, Pallmeyer taught Communication Studies at four universities from California to
upstate New York for over three decades. He chaired the Communication Studies program
at Widener University for 14 years. He served as the faculty advisor to radio stations at all
four universities.
Pallmeyer is a frequent contributor in media interviews for articles in a variety of
publications including:,,, the Christian Science
Monitor,,,, among others.
Pallmeyer currently lives in Woodlyn, Pa and is the owner of DDP-Productions-LLC. He has
two children, Rachel, an artist in Chicago, and Noah, a public relations associate in San
Pallmeyer is the author of the book, The Audience In the News (Routledge Communication
Series) and of numerous book chapters, academic and popular articles.
Pallmeyer earned his Ph.D. at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

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