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Cecile Deroudille - L'Affaire Dubuffet

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Cecile Deroudille - L'Affaire Dubuffet


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The Dubuffet Case or how a painting by the artist Dubuffet was bought for the first time by a French museum.

The Dubuffet Case tells the story of art critic René Deroudille's struggle to convince the Lyon Fine Arts Museum (France) to buy a Jean Dubuffet painting 1956. Although known around the world, no french museum had yet dared to acquire any of Dubuffet's work. The twisting suspensful drama is told through the fascinating correspondance between Jean Dubuffet, René Deroudille and collage artist Philippe Dereux, intermediary between the painter and the art critic at the time. If the painting by Dubuffet, the "Blond Landscape", is at the center of the story, it shares the role of the hero with the three other protagonists.

Image : Stephan Massis, Son : Arnault Damien, Montage : Mélanie Braux, Musique : Matthew Wedgewood et Ludovic Montet avec les voix de Pierre Arditi, Philippe Dereux, Marcel Maréchal et Françoise Pavy Grand Prix du Film Documentaire au Festival de Belfort 1997
French version with english subtitles

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