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Care for the Professional Voice, Part 1 & 2

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Care for the Professional Voice, Part 1 & 2


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This is a didactic slide lecture geared toward physicians, voice therapists, and voice teachers which gives the groundwork for a correct diagnostic and treatment procedure in the evaluation of singers. It can be very useful for student and practitioners to realize the consequences of voice abuse, and to be able to work out strategies to avoid injuries.
Part I: 85 mins. Dr. Sataloff providing an in-depth description of the anatomy of the vocal mechanism and the vocal folds. He presents and elaborates upon a comprehensive list of what should be taken in the patient's medical history. In this the topics covered are: breathing technique, vocal aging and rehabilitative process, acute and chronic problems and their associated illnesses, the common patterns and causes of voice abuse, the importance and effectiveness of a proper weight loss program, the effects of hormonal imbalances, of stress and anxiety, of various drugs and much more.
Part II: 60 mins. Dr. Sataloff discusses the components of the physical examination, common organic problems, pulmonary disease, allergy, the consequences of voice rest. He explaines treatment of voice abuse with various types of drugs 1993, Colour & Sound. Price per set of two volumes

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