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Butoh - Body Weather Farm

A Personal Insight Into the Work

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Butoh - Body Weather Farm


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Disc 1: This DVD-Rom offers a personal insight into the training practices and life on Body Weather Farm - the home to one of Japan’s most enigmatic Butoh practitioners, Min Tanaka and his dance company, Mai Juku. These previously unpublished photographs offer Butoh dancers and scholars a rare opportunity to see inside Body Weather Farm. It also includes previouly unseen photos of Tanaka’s dance collaborator, Hisako Horikawa at the Mountain Stage on the Hakushu property in 1991. In addition there are once again unseen photographs of the 1991 Min Tanaka choreographed dance Rite of Spring at the Earth Stage, Body Weather Farm.

1. The Farm
2. The Earth Stage
3. The Mountain Stage
4. The Dojo
5. The Training
6. Rite of Spring (Morning performance)
7. Rite of Spring (Night Performance)

Disc 2:  The disc contains a 70 page diary of day-to-day observation of the work and training in PDF format.  It is not meant as a treatise on the Body Weather system, but as a personal response to its challenges and complexities. It offers a rare insight into the enigma of the Body Weather experience, without claiming authority.

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