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Buddhism as-in Performance E-Book

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Buddhism as-in Performance E-Book


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Analysis of Meditation and Theatrical Practice by Dr David George
"Buddhism as/in Performance is a commendable piece of painstaking research, presented in jargonless, compellingly readable style. It is certainly a pre-eminent contribution to drama studies, particularly of Buddhist theatrical practices."

Professor George has ventured into a comparatively unchartered area seeking, as he does, to explore the art and concept of performance in Buddhism - more specially in the context of Buddhist meditation and theatre. Spelling out the epistemology of performance in all its different connotations and definitional nuances, his study opens out an astonishingly vast panorama of the Buddhist theatrical practices in Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Nepal and Tibet.  He goes on to demonstrate how, within this panorama, three kinds of theatrical practice can be identified, each corresponding to one of the three paths open to a Buddhist: the karma path, the Bodhisattva option, and entlightenment, and each representative of one of the three main cultures of Buddhism - the Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana.

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