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Brother Bread, Sister Puppet - Street theatre and political satire

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Brother Bread, Sister Puppet - Street theatre and political satire


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The Bread and Puppet Theater has become famous in America over the last thirty years for its street theater and political satire utilizing giant “papier-mâché” puppets, masks and twelve foot high stilt walkers. This documentary profile focuses on their annual Domestic Resurrection Circus, a summer weekend presentation at their northern Vermont home. More than a hundred puppeteers and other performers appear in the afternoon Circus, which features many animal figures, sideshows and comedy routines, and the twilight Pageant, a vast allegorical drama presented on a natural 20-acre stage of meadows, forest and rolling hills. The video features performance highlights and interviews with Bread and Puppet founder/director Peter Schumann, group members and volunteers, who discuss the group's theatrical concepts and artistic philosophy. We also see rehearsals, the construction of “papier-mâché” figures and masks, and the printing of the Theater's distinctive woodcut posters. Directed by Jeff Farber

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