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Blind Date (original + remake)

Theo Van Gogh / Stanley Tucci

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Blind Date (original + remake)


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Dutch director/producer/screenwriter Theo Van Gogh was planning an English language remake of his renowned film Interview when he was violently murdered by an Islam extremist in 2004. He had dared to criticize Islam fundamentalism in his short film Submission Part 1. Sadly, proving a point has cost him his life. Following Van Gogh's tragic death his producers accomplished to adapt not one but three of his films in English with American actors.

Artfilms is pleased to present the "TRIPLE THEO" collection, all the originals alongside their remakes in sets of 2 DVDs: INTERVIEW / BLIND DATE / 06 (aka. 1-900)

Unlike Interview, Blind Date has no political concerns, it is an intimate examination of the painful grief of two parents, in some sense it is an appropriate choice of film to adapt in Van Gogh’s memory. A man and a woman meet in a bar. They pretend not to know each other, but they have years of history together, some of which is quite painful. They are a married couple and the death of their young daughter tore their lives apart. Now the only way for them to communicate and connect is via role-playing on staged blind dates. Struggling to stay together but loving each other too dearly to stay apart the troubled couple "date" each other trying to overcome heartbreak.

Both the original and the remake of the film is a unique experience, a one of a kind cinematic investigation of  genuine emotions, love, grief and the our sometimes limited capacity to cope with pain.

Blind Date (Remake) by Stanley Tucci is also available for streaming.

Blind Date (Original) 1996

Directed by Theo van Gogh
Produced by Theo van Gogh, Erik Peters
Written by Tom Erisman, Renée Fokker, Theo van Gogh, Kim van Kooten, Peer Mascini
Starring Renée Fokker, Peer Mascini, Roeland Fernhout, Wouter Brave, Jan Jaspers, Boris Bergshoeff, Lizet Hupkes
Music by Reinier Henzel
Cinematography Tom Erisman
Edited by Ot Louw
Release date 29 August 1996
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch (En subs.)

Blind Date (Remake) 2008

Directed by
Stanley Tucci
Produced by Bruce Weiss, Gijs van de Westelaken
Written by Stanley Tucci, David Schechter
Starring Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson, Thijs Römer, Gerdy De Decker, Georgina Verbaan, Robin Holzauer, Sarah Hyland, Peer Mascini
Cinematography Thomas Kist
Edited by Camilla Toniolo
Release date October 30, 2007 (São Paulo International Film Festival), September 19, 2009 (US)
Country United States
Language English

This item is available worldwide.

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