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Black Rooster

Sidetrack Performance

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Black Rooster


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Black Rooster is a contemporary theatrical spectacle with live music based on the Sawung Galing myth from Java and other islands of Indonesia. The new version of this popular myth develops new angles on the story transforming it into a universal story that appeals to audiences all over the world. Black Rooster draws the audience into a wild and fantastic world where despots sow confusion and cultivate prejudices amongst the people to maintain their power.

Into this world is born Joko Berek, a young girl raised as a boy, who with the help of her magical black rooster reconciles the warring kingdoms of Fazzar and Crazzar. The story, the performers and the theatrical style and humour of the work strongly reflect Indonesian and Australian creative collaboration.

The underlying meaning/message of the work has universal significance. It is essentially a call for greater understanding between all peoples and a powerful statement reiterating that peace is always preferable to war.

Sidetrack Performance Group: Sidetrack is perhaps Australia’s oldest community-based professional theatre company. It began in Marrickville on the rim of Sydney city in 1979. Since then the company has toured widely both nationally and internationally, it has also won awards for both the artistic quality of its works and also for its commitment to employ its creative practices in pursuit of better communities. The company works with theatre artists from diverse cultural and performance backgrounds exploring and developing new ways of making and presenting theatre. Language: Indonesian.  See more from Sidetrack Performance Group

Contemporary Arts Media was founded in 2000 by theatre practitioner and lecturer in experimental theatre, Kriszta Doczy. In 2004 CAM extended its range of films across all art forms: from performing to performance, from music to electronic media, from phy

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