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Black Comedy alla Pulcinella by Antonio Fava

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Black Comedy alla Pulcinella by Antonio Fava


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Little Opera in words, Lazzi and Music in the style of the Neapolitan Commedia dell'arte.  A real deal: an original performance with an internationally acclaimed Italian master, Antonio Fava.

Premiered in Brisbane in 2010, the performance presents  authentic Italian Comedia scenerarios, centered around the famous character, Pulcinella. Pulcinella is one of the typical characters of Commedia dell'Arte, one of the over two hundred variations of ‘zanni II’, the 'foolish servant'. Pulcinella in this sense, is only a name just as ‘Arlecchino’, Franceschina, ‘Truffaldino’, ‘Traccagnino’, ‘Tabacchino’, Zagna, Zezza, and so on are simply other names for ‘zanni II’.

Thanks to this immensely human "boor", filthy, character, urbanized in Naples from the countryside, ugly, ignorant, lazy, jealous, greedy, hungry of maccarune and love,  Commedia, the Mask and Improvisation will never will loose its relevance.

Fava's Pulcinella is also superstitious. Pulcinella, Donna Zezza, Tartaglia and all the characters involved in the stories are confronted with the crossing - a single, quick, scary crossing - of a black cat, that shakes their existence like an earthquake for the entire play. The consequences won't exclude any of humanity's greatest themes: Fear, Starvation, Love, Survival, Life ... Death - with a happy ending of course.

Written, directed and performed by Antonio Fava with Cecilia Di Donato

Antonio Fava
It was by the side of his father, a famous Pulcinella in Scandale, Calabria, Italy, that Antonio Fava was to develop his passion for Commedia dell'Arte. This love would lead him to become a world-renowned authority on the subject and to create a multi-lingual school, like non other, where international actors come to learn theatrical skills rooted in the Italian Renaissance.

Colleague of Dario Fo, Maestro Fava's professional career began as an actor and musician at The National Theatre of Strasbourg. He later co-founded the Theatre de la Jacquerie in Paris, where he collaborated with the great French writer, Jean-Pierre Chabrol. Returning to Italy, he developed Teatro del Vicolo in Reggio Emilia, where, since 1980, he has directed and performed in over thirty different productions, touring throughout the world including France, Spain, Switzerland, Senegal, Lebanon, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Pakistan, the United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain.
Antonio Fava has taught and directed internationally including The Oxford Stage Company, England, Insitut dei Teatre di Barcelona, Real Escuela de Arte Dramatico, Madrid, CIP di Tremlan, Switzerland, Exeter University, England, Theatre Populaire Jurassien di Lons le Saunier, France, Museo Cassioli di Asciano, Siena, E'cole Superieure de Theatre-Universite' du Quebec a' Montreal, and New York University. Maestro Fava recently directed Il Turco in Italia and La Gazza Ladro by Rossini for Il Teatro Marrucino in Chieti, Italy. Maestro Fava has collaborated with International Opera Theater as a librettist for their productions in Città della Pieve, Italy. Continuing this collaboration, he served as librettist for International Opera Theater's production of "La Tempesta", presented in 2006. His seminal book, "The Comic Mask in Commedia dell'Arte", was translated into English in 2005.

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