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China Screen: Beyond the World

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China Screen: Beyond the World


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A personal film exploring the spiritual World and the mysteries surrounding the end of Life.

Yanlin, a 22-year-old Chinese filmmaker, has never believed in sayings about ghosts and spirits. However, at her grandma’s funeral, Yanlin is told that her grandma was a medium, one who could be possessed by a spirit called “Gong”.

To understand what is spiritualism and what happened to her grandmother in the past, Yanlin sets out on a journey by first attending a public mediumship demonstration in Edinburgh, trying to find evidence of the spiritual world, and then has a private meeting with medium Ewan, to seek for a message from her dead grandma. She finally returns to China to get to the bottom of who the spirit “Gong” is, where the family mystery unfolds.

“Beyond the World” is a personal odyssey in search of the hidden family story of her Chinese grandmother’s past – being a medium. The film explores meanings of the spiritual world and the search for an understanding of the end of Life.Chinese countryside.

Item is not available in Canada, Mainland China or United States of America.

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