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Between Us

Film by Bill Mousoulis

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Between Us


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An award-winning 37-minute portrait of ordinary life in Melbourne.

The story of Rick, a washing-machine serviceman, and his relationships with two very different women, a teenage working-class girl, and a singer in a band.

Director / Producer / Writer: Bill Mousoulis
Cinematographer:  Mark Lane
Cast:  Phillip Dean, Sharon Rider, Juliet Ward, James Cruickshank.
Produced in association with the Australian Film Commission.

Bill Mousoulis is one of Australia’s most prolific independent filmmakers, with approximately 100 films to his name. As well as making shorts and medium-length films such as the award-winning drama Between Us (1989, 37 mins) and the poetry-film collaboration A Sufi Valentine (2004, 34 mins), Mousoulis has also made eight feature-length films, including Lovesick (2002, 70 mins), Blue Notes (2006, 93 mins) and A Nocturne (2007, 70 mins), which won Best Film at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival in 2007 and also screened in numerous film festivals in Europe in 2008.
In 1985 he founded the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group, a co-operative that lasted until 2001 as an active, recognised organisation. In 1999, Mousoulis founded the online film journal Senses of Cinema, a continuing journal, with The Times newspaper in the UK naming it "Best Film journal website".

Mousoulis' work as a filmmaker is acknowledged by film critic Adrian Martin, who has labelled Mousoulis "one of Australia's most committed independent filmmakers". And current writer for The Age newspaper in Melbourne, Jake Wilson, has called Mousoulis "an independent film legend".


4th Best Film, St.Kilda Film Festival, May 1990.
Nomination Best Short Fiction Film, Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival, June 1990.
Participant, Melbourne International Film Festival, Perth and Adelaide Film Festivals, Buenos Aires Festival of Independent Cinema.

"The story moves swiftly, and, for anyone who grew up in an Australian suburb in the last fifteen years, it is a painfully familiar tale as the hero battles the comfortable inertia of suburban life against his desire to construct a personality. The film won me over with its steadfast grace and dignified tone." - Michael Hutak, Filmnews, March 1990.

"This film is a masterly narrative, constructed with an enviable economy of style that always pleases and surprises." - Raffi Ghazarian, Super Eight, Feb 1990.

"By focusing on ordinary characters, everyday events and almost embarassingly naturalistic dialogue, the film suggests the sadness, triumph and mystery of people's lives, stamped with Mousoulis' own sensitive and stylish signature." - Peter Kemp, Melbourne Film Festival catalogue, June 1990.

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