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Back to Eden

A Documentary About Organic Gardening

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Back to Eden


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Back to Eden Gardening is a no-till vegetable gardening technique that uses wood chip mulch to build healthy soil that is capable of producing  nutrient-rich food, resulting in the most productive garden and farm!

The documentary shares the story of Paul Gautschi and his revolutionary approach to organic gardening. The film went viral and has garnered over 50 million views in 225 countries. The film continues to receive critical-acclaim globally. 

Back to Eden is a new feature documentary that follows one man's revolutionary approach to organic gardening. "It's all about the covering!" is how Paul Gautschi enthusiastically describes his gardening method that mimics the self sustaining design of nature. The film shows how gardeners and farmers worldwide can easily transform their agricultural practice into a simple and productive process of growing food. Revealing critical issues such as soil preparation, fertilization, irrigation, weed and pest control, crop rotation, and pH issues, the documentary focuses on proactive solutions, leaving the delving into the background politics to preceding documentary films such as Food, Inc. and Dirt! Back to Eden offers not only a fresh perspective on critical environmental issues but digs deeper into true stories of experiencing faith, seeking relationship and the power of forming community. Highlighted interviews include specialists in human ecology, nutrition, horticulture, and agriculture.
Organic Consumers Association Movie Review

Paul Gautschi is a rebel in the garden. He breaks most of the gardening “rules” you’ve ever known, yet he produces lush, abundant harvests that are as sweet and juicy as anything you’ve ever tasted. He doesn’t fertilize, rarely waters, and doesn’t till his soil or rotate crops. He never has issues with bugs and his weeds are easy to pull. His most pressing problem in the garden is growing too much food and figuring out what to do with it. Paul’s unconventional style has garnered attention thanks to a documentary called Back to Eden). The film takes you to Paul’s home garden in Sequim, WA, and shows you first-hand the success he has by breaking traditional gardening rules. He’ll tell you how he constantly does things that aren’t supposed to work just to prove the experts wrong. I have visited his home twice over the years, and can stand witness to the simplicity, low-maintenance, and sweet taste of his garden.  So, what’s his secret? It’s all about the covering. Every inch of Paul’s garden is covered in a layer of woodchips. He never mixes the woodchips with the soil, though, or else the chips would leach nitrogen from the soil. He simply layers the woodchips on top of the garden. As time passes, the chips decompose and feed the earth with minerals. Instead of the soil being depleted at the end of the season, the woodchips ensure the soil is constantly being fed and renewed. The covering creates rich, healthy soil, which in turn creates healthy, vibrant plants.
Maximum Yield Magazine Movie Review

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